Do you ever get questions from people who want to see what your new device can do? Here are a few apps for showing off the potential of mobile devices for educational use.


Brain and Nervous System Pro
Brain app screen shots
the brain
Learn the anatomy of the brain and nervous system. Slice open the brain with your finger. Beautiful, informative visuals. This one is for iPad and the developer also has Android versions for some of their other anatomy apps. My demo video.

Solar Walk
Solar Walk
Use multi-touch gestures to move around in ways that help you understand our solar system, including planets and satellites. iOS and Android. My demo video

The Elements

The Elements by Theodore Gray from Touchpress on Vimeo.

The periodic table of elements in chemistry will never be boring with this app. For iPad.


CIA: Operation AJAX

Learn about the CIA’s plot to stage a coup in Iran during the Eisenhower era in this beautifully designed graphic novel for iPad.


Sleep Cycle Alarm
Sleep Cycle Alarm screen shot

Use this app to track your sleep cycles and wake you at the optimal time. iOS and Android.

Language translation

WordLens is now part of Google Translate.

Take a photo of a sign or menu and this app will translate the text into the language of your choice. iOS and Android. This app is now owned by Google and is being rolled into Google Glass and Google Translate. Try this feature in Google Translate. iOS and Android.

Augmented reality for kids

Quiver (formerly known as CoLAR)

Kids can color special coloring pages and have their creations turned into 3D moving images on a mobile device. iOS and Android.



Turn your photos into live kaleidoscope images – really fun. iOS.

Cosmic Top

Spin the top with your finger, tap and zoom, amazing, relaxing images. Good stress reliever. Just for fun, watch this video I made when I first got the app. iOS.

Photo fun

Waterlogue screen shot
Turn your photos into images that look like watercolor paintings. One of the best of these type of photo filter apps (there are many). Here’s a video that someone made showing how to use Waterlogue. iOS.

Do you have any favorite apps for showing off your device? Let us know in the comments.

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