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Mobile Learning Trends

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Mobile Learning Trends: Accessibility, Ecosystems, Content Creation

The widespread adoption of mobile computing is a good thing for librarians who care about access for all. Mobile devices make use of “natural user interfaces,” and those interfaces are making computing easier for people of all ages and abilities.

Mobile learning is headed in a direction that is empowering for learners of all abilities.

This report focuses on three trends:

  1. natural user interfaces and accessibility
  2. multi-device ecosystems
  3. content creation with mobile devices

It includes ideas for how libraries can use this information to empower their users and resources for learning more about these topics.

Format: paperback and e-report
Publisher: American Library Association
Series: Library Technology Reports 52, no. 3

Table of Contents


Learn to evaluate and review mobile apps.

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Selecting and Evaluating the Best Mobile Apps for Library Services

This issue of Library Technology Reports offers guidance for incorporating apps into digital literacy training and other library services.

Defining app literacy + app review checklist

  • An overview of app literacy examining mobile operating systems, mobile ecosystems, core apps, natural user interfaces, device capabilities, accessibility, and jailbreaking.
  • A detailed app evaluation checklist that supplements traditional review criteria for print resources.
  • Recommendations for core apps organized around common activities.
  • Go-to review sources to keep up with the newest apps.
  • Summaries of 19 iOS features that support accessibility.
  • Ideas for library instruction and event-programming with apps.

Format: paperback and e-report
Publisher: American Library Association
Series: Library Technology Reports 50, no. 8


Become an app expert for your community.

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Apps for Librarians: Using the best mobile technology to educate, create, and engage

Apps are everywhere these days and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. You probably have questions like these:

  • How do I find and use the best quality apps?
  • Which apps will help me in my professional work?
  • Which apps should libraries recommend to their communities?

Learn which apps are “core,” and how to evaluate and review them.

  • which quality apps have become “core” and how to use them
  • how mobile devices are enabling better learning
  • how mobile apps are improving life for those with special needs
  • how to keep up with new apps and find quality reviews
  • how to review an app, including a checklist of what to include
  • inspiring examples of how libraries are using apps in creative ways.

Format: paperback and ebook.
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

10 Tips for Finding the Best Apps

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