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Best Apps for Academics

Information that has changed since the book was published.

We didn’t include the Microsoft Office apps in the book because at the time we last updated it, you needed an Office 365 subscription to edit documents and store them in the cloud. As of November 2014, Microsoft has removed that restriction, making the office apps for iOS and Android free to use. So we now recommend Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for iOS and for Android.

Instapaper is now free.

Instapaper Premium is free:
– Full-text search for articles in your account
– Unlimited highlights
– Create text-to-speech playlists
– Send to Kindle functionality
– Use third-party apps that plug into the Instapaper API

Zite has been purchased by Flipboard.

Zite was acquired by Flipboard and is no longer available. Try using Flipboard, or the apps recommended here instead.


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