50 ideas for creative uses of mobile apps in library services

50 ideas for creative uses of mobile apps in library services

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There are many possibilities for using apps in creative ways in libraries. In my online course, “The Book as iPad App,”⁠ one of the assignments is to participate in a virtual brainstorming activity about this topic.

Librarians in my course are from school, academic, and public libraries, and this list is based on the many creative ideas they came up with. Since this course was focused on interactive book apps, the ideas are mostly about those. Feel free to imagine using these ideas for all types of apps.

The list is grouped into these categories: (more…)

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Get a free copy of Apps for Librarians in my Goodreads giveaway

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Why everyone who evaluates mobile apps should read Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines

Designing for iOS


In my online course, Apps for Librarians and Educators, one of the assignments is to read some of Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

These guidelines are for app developers, but it’s also very useful and eye-opening for app users to become familiar with them — especially if you are an information professional or educator who helps others with mobile apps and writes reviews of them.

These are the sections I ask my students to read: (more…)

Getting over your resistance to using a password manager

Manage your passwords
Do you still use the same password on multiple sites? Or perhaps you keep a list of all your passwords on paper, or in a file on your computer?

If so, I’d like to suggest that it’s time to finally give a password manager a try. No system is completely foolproof, but using an app like 1Password is much more secure than re-using passwords you can remember. If a site gets hacked and you’ve used the same password that you use on other sites, it’s very likely that your password will be tried everywhere — on sites that you care about, such as bank accounts, shopping sites, and more.

Here are some reasons to use it: (more…)

Organize your life with mobile apps: online course

lower stress, function smoothlyI’m in the midst of creating a new online course called Organize Your Life with Mobile Apps. If you’ve ever lost important information or forgot to bring it with you, this will help.

Have you been too busy to find and set up the best apps for organizing your life?

I’ve met many people who tell me they are too busy to set up and use any new apps. They use email, web browsers, Facebook, and a few games on their iPhone or Android smartphone — but not productivity apps. If this sounds like you, this course will help. (more…)