50 best apps for those who use both Android and iOS

50 best apps for those who use both Android and iOS

Many people use multiple mobile platforms these days. A common situation is one where you have both an Android smartphone and an iPad.

it’s true that when you get used to certain tasks on one platform, they aren’t automatic on the other, but once you get past that, you can work seamlessly.

Why? It’s because of apps with multi-device ecosystems. (more…)

Getting over your resistance to using a password manager

Manage your passwords
Do you still use the same password on multiple sites? Or perhaps you keep a list of all your passwords on paper, or in a file on your computer?

If so, I’d like to suggest that it’s time to finally give a password manager a try. No system is completely foolproof, but using an app like 1Password is much more secure than re-using passwords you can remember. If a site gets hacked and you’ve used the same password that you use on other sites, it’s very likely that your password will be tried everywhere — on sites that you care about, such as bank accounts, shopping sites, and more.

Here are some reasons to use it: (more…)

Organize your life with mobile apps: online course

lower stress, function smoothlyI’m in the midst of creating a new online course called Organize Your Life with Mobile Apps. If you’ve ever lost important information or forgot to bring it with you, this will help.

Have you been too busy to find and set up the best apps for organizing your life?

I’ve met many people who tell me they are too busy to set up and use any new apps. They use email, web browsers, Facebook, and a few games on their iPhone or Android smartphone — but not productivity apps. If this sounds like you, this course will help. (more…)

Why you don’t need to stick with one mobile platform: 50 best apps for multi-platform productivity

iPhone next to Android phone

Photo by Flickr user “janitors.”

How many times have you heard people say, “I’m a Mac person,” or “I’m a Windows person?” That’s pretty common with desktop computing. We’ve all experienced the pain of switching platforms — certain programs only work on one or the other, conversions sometimes get messed up, and all those tasks you’ve learned to do automatically become hard when you first switch from Windows to Mac or vice-versa.

Well the good news is that it’s getting easier in the mobile world. (more…)

Fragmentation frustration – keeping track of your notes in multiple formats

notebookWhen I was head of user experience at the MIT Libraries, my team and I interviewed undergrad and graduate students about their academic workflows as part of a study of how new technologies were changing how students did their work. One of the problems we heard about often was something I’d like to call “fragmentation frustration.”

With notes in so many formats (handwritten, typewritten, photos, scraps of paper, printed PDFs with notes scribbled on them), students were finding it difficult to keep track of everything and later find something they knew they had. (more…)