Become a Power Searcher: Using Internet Search Tools Effectively

Become a Power Searcher: Using Internet Search Tools Effectively

90-minute workshop, Wed., Jan. 24, 2018
2:30pm Eastern | 1:30 Central | 12:30 Mountain | 11:30am Pacific
(You’ll get a recording if you are unable to watch it live).

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Everyone knows how to dash off a quick Google search, but do you know how to go deeper with your searching? This webinar will show you how to search for many types of information effectively: websites, news, images, videos, statistics, maps, books, definitions, translations, and more. You’ll learn tips for Google, Wolfram Alpha, and several other search engines.


We’ll cover

  • Advanced tips for Google searching
  • Pros and cons of Google’s search personalization and how to turn it off
  • Searching other parts of Google: News, Translate, Videos, Books, Google Scholar, and Maps
  • Protecting your search privacy: using DuckDuck Go or Private mode in your web browser
  • Social media search tools and when to use them: Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Multimedia searching: videos, podcasts, images, and how to filter by usage rights, color, and other criteria
  • Finding old websites with the Wayback Machine
  • Finding data, statistics, and much more with Wolfram Alpha
  • Searching by voice with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant


  • You’ll learn how to search Google and other search engines more effectively.
  • You’ll learn about several different free search tools and when to use each.
  • You’ll get information you can use to teach your patrons about searching.

Become a Power Searcher

This will be both useful and fun!