Podcasts are exploding in popularity these days. There are so many that it can be hard to find the best ones! And there are more podcasts by and for diverse audiences.

To help you find the best podcasts, I’m creating a series of short ebooks:

  • Best Podcasts: Children & Teens
  • Best Podcasts: Feminism & LGBTQ
  • Best Podcasts: People with Disabilities
  • Best Podcasts: Racial Diversity
  • Best Podcasts: The Digital Divide
  • Best Podcasts: Technology & Society

They will be available on Amazon, Apple’s iBookstore, and other ebook sellers (EPUB & MOBI). You can buy individual titles for $2.99 each, or get the whole set for $9.99.

I’ll also include a bonus ebook called: Best Podcasts: Discovery Tools. It will list the best places to find out about new podcasts.


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