Learn to implement new technologies in ways that meet user needs

Coming later this year! AI literacy for librarians

A 5 week course that covers: understanding the technology, effective prompting,
ethical issues, multimodal features, creating multimedia with generative AI,
and how to stay current.
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“Outstanding course filled with excellent ideas, resources, and hands-on practice!”
— Laurel Reinhardt, Technology Services Librarian, Madison County Public Libraries

“Excellent course. Thought-provoking, mind-expanding, and fun!”
— Terry Brandsma, Information Technology Librarian, UNC Greensboro

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This course was fantastic. Very relevant, informative, and engaging. I found it worth the time, and plan to implement much of what I learned in my own workplace, even though I’m not technically an Emerging Technology Librarian.
Marie Harris

Location Leader, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Become an emerging technology expert

Nicole’s workshop is so pertinent to today’s concerns with privacy and the internet. She gave extraordinary information on how to be safer in the digital age. We can’t wait for Nicole to offer more workshops for our staff!
Rachel Rooney

IT/Reference Librarian, West Tisbury Library, Massachusetts

Learn to protect your data. Help your library users with security.

Organize your life with mobile apps
This is a worthwhile course, even if you consider yourself pretty sophisticated in using cross platform apps and applications. My goal is to increasingly “go paperless” and be able to access tons of info wherever I am. this course has really sent me on my way.
Doug Rovira

Save time, reduce stress, focus on what matters.

Apps for Librarians: Digital Literacy with Mobile Apps
Excellent course. This class exceeded my expectations. It provided a good mix of the practical and theoretical components of iOS and android applications. Nicole is enthusiastic, encouraging, engaging and very knowledgeable.
Maryjane Canavan

Head of Library Systems, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Become an expert in mobile apps.

The Book as iPad App
This four-week course gets five stars not only for the information it contains, but also for the level of empowerment it provides.

I signed-up not knowing a thing about book apps, and in a month’s time I am using them at work and collaborating with a library colleague to create a book app of our own for use in story times. The topic is timely, relevant and fun! I couldn’t ask for more.

Susan Hansen

Branch Manager, West Hartford Public Library, Hartford, CT

Use the best book apps in creative programs.