There are four apps that I use every day, and I can’t imagine staying organized with out them! They are:

  • Dropbox – storing and synchronizing my files
  • 1Password – securely managing my passwords
  • Wunderlist – to do lists
  • Evernote – text, audio, or photo notes to keep track of all my important personal information.

Dropbox, 1Password, Wunderlist, Evernote

Many of my friends and colleagues are busy professionals or students and just haven’t had time to set up these foundational apps that could make their lives easier. People often ask me to help them get started — with tips how to use them and how to best set them up.

So I created an online mini-course that’s designed to fill that gap — to help you get your apps set up and organize your life.

Synchronize everything between mobile and desktop

A great thing about these apps is that they work on both Android and iOS, and they synchronize their data between mobile and desktop computers. That means I have easy access to everything from anywhere.

For example, if you have an Android phone, a laptop, and an iPad, you can synchronize all of the data in these four apps across all of your devices automatically.

stop losing track of important info

To learn more, look at these slides.

Now is a good time to sign up for the course before the price goes up later this year. I’ll be adding two extra units and raising the price at that time (from $69 to $129). But if you sign up now, you’ll get those extra units for free.

It’s a self-study course with no deadlines. You can work on it bit by bit, as you have time. Sign up now!

Still have questions? See Organize Your Life With Mobile Apps for more information.

Gift this course to a friend

Do you have a friend or relative who could use help with these apps? You can buy this course as a gift. Look for “more options…. gift this course.”

More options, gift this course.

Look for “more options… gift this course.”

Save time, be productive, and focus on what matters

When you have all of your personal information organized and in sync, your stress level will go down and you can focus on what matters to you.

Sign up now!

Organize Your Life with Mobile Apps

Focus on what matters.

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