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1. Find out about the best new apps for use in educational settings.

Apps like those in my books, Keeping Up with Emerging TechnologiesBest Apps for Academics, and Apps for Librarians: Using the Best Mobile Technology to Educate, Create, and Engage.

2. See real-world examples of how librarians, students, academics, and professionals are using apps creatively.

Stories like this one from Northwestern University: Chinese Language Classes Experiment with iPads, or this one about how blind users are benefiting from mobile technologies: Re-Enabled: iOS’s impact on those with impairments isn’t just a marketing slide; it’s profound, by Steven Aquino.

3. Read the best articles about emerging technologies,

Such as A World without Screens.

4. Get occasional discounts on courses and books by Nicole Hennig.

Courses such as Apps for Librarians and Educators, The Book as iPad App, and Organize Your Life with Mobile Apps.

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