This summer I’m working on a new report that will be part of ALA’s Library Technology Reports series.

I’m looking forward to doing the research on this — podcasts are booming!

Here’s the Table of Contents — let me know if you have more ideas for what to include.


Podcasts are experiencing a renaissance today. More high quality programming is available for more diverse audiences than ever before. And they are proving to be useful as education and entertainment for people of all ages.

This report will cover:
• Statistics on podcast listening.
• The advantages of audio-based learning.
• How to find the best podcasts.
• The best tools and apps for podcast listening.
• Lists of recommended podcasts for general audiences, higher education, teens, children, and diverse and underserved audiences.
• How podcasts are being used in context, in K-12 education and higher education.
• Podcast accessibility for people with disabilities.
• Ideas for how libraries can become curators and recommenders of podcasts.
• Resources for learning more.

When librarians are knowledge about podcasts, how to find the best ones, how to listen to them, and what purposes they serve, we can point our users to the very best content for all types of audiences and help increase digital literacy.

Chapter 1: Why podcasts?

• Introduction
• Podcasts defined
• The increasing popularity of podcasts
• Where and when people listen

Chapter 2: Recommended tools for podcast listening

• How to find and subscribe to a podcast
• Mobile apps for iOS and Android
• Desktop apps and websites
• Podcast discovery

Chapter 3: A guide to some of the best podcasts

• Introduction
• Podcasts for a general audience
• Podcasts for higher education
• Podcasts for teens
• Podcasts for children
• Podcasts produced or hosted by women
• Podcasts on racial and ethnic diversity: (African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, Native Americans)
• Podcasts by LGBTQ people
• Podcasts on aging and ageism
• Podcasts on children’s rights
• Podcasts on homelessness, poverty, and economic class
• Podcasts about or by people who are (or were) incarcerated
• Podcasts on adult literacy
• Podcasts on neurodiversity and mental health issues
• Podcasts by people with physical disabilities
• Podcasts by librarians

Chapter 4: Podcasts in context

• Podcasts in K-12 classrooms
• Podcasts in higher education
• Podcast accessibility
• The future of podcasts

Chapter 5: Opportunities for libraries and how to learn more

• Libraries recommending podcasts
• Summary
• Additional resources
• Alphabetical list of podcasts in this report
• Alphabetical list of tools and apps

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